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Welcome to documentation site for Morphis products

The Morphis modernization process features a proprietary toolset that deals with multiple legacy languages and enables agile development, system discovery, code assessment, governance, remediation and software modernization to a Java or .NET environment.





  • Analyze your applications and generate reports that inform your decisions

  • Make the right diagnosis on the complexity of your applications

  • Create dashboards with the most important analytic KPI's

  • Make solid decisions when choosing the next step (modernize or rewrite)

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  • Transform your applications by refactoring or migrating to the same or new technologies

  • By refactoring or migrating your code you are ensuring that it is optimized

  • By migrating your software you can modernize it, choosing the most up-to-date technologies as targets.

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  • Enable rapid development

  • Platform independence

  • Proven technologies and frameworks that optimize your workflow

  • Choose the most commonly used technologies and embrace the future by keeping your applications modern

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Knowledge Base

If you're looking for troubleshooting information, please visit the Knowledge Base or find answers on FAQs.




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