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Your company's software is your greatest asset and our greatest concern.

Morphis is focused on agile, insightful solutions and we have as a target evolution through Analysis, Transformation and Development.  


About us

Morphis is a software company with a proven value that derives from high specialisation and expertise in modernisation technologies, guiding you in the process of revamping your applications, analysing, optimising and modernising them.

We provide solutions as well as a comprehensive set of services for companies and organisations that wish to update their software applications or improve their development process and software infrastructure, answering each client's unique needs by making the most of our software engineering tools, services and processes.

Additionally, Morphis helps its clients to remain competitive and grow in the turbulent markets of today by relying on IT systems that are agile in responding to business and technological changes and maximize efficiency across organisational structures.

We will guide you through the required modernisation processes, generating code response for an ever-changing world. 

Our solutions take you further.


In 1996 a team of young graduates, led by our founder and CEO Luis Andrade, decided to channel their creativity to the development of cutting-edge software engineering tools. They had one mission: create the best legacy modernization tools in the world.

Starting as ATX Software in Portugal, the company quickly gained the attention of major partners such as Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Fujitsu and Cap Gemini, and clients including major banks, insurance and healthcare companies, telcos and software vendors, defense contractors and governments, and other major institutions. With our reputation for quality, and a growing global demand for legacy modernization, success has allowed us to expand with the opening of offices in the U.K., Spain, Brazil, and now in the United States.

The name changed to Morphis in 2014 as we continue to unleash the agility of the cloud for clients all over the world, modernizing their systems – and always saving them time, money and immeasurable resources. 


Our process is driven towards great business achievements. We place great emphasis on:

  • Innovation - only the brightest ideas will take us the furthest. That's why we invest in the brightest minds working at Morphis.

  • Automation - combining our innovative strength to significant automation helps us achieve far more than can be imagined at low levels of risk.
  • Transformation - often a significant change is needed to realise the full potential of an important asset, we want to help unlock that potential and doing so at the lowest levels of risk.
  • Evolution - only through continual change can companies remain at the cutting edge of their industries. Their systems reflect their capabilities and we want to help companies position themselves for such continual change.


More Information

For more information visit us at

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