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Messages shown by the framework might be different than the messages shown in the original application, even though most of the times, the functional meaning is the same. The purpose is not to mimic the original application runtime (wheter it was Oracle Forms, or any other), but to supply user-friendly messages and interactions.


A few examples of such differences:

Original Application MessageMessage shown by Morphis Framework
"Legal Characters are 0-9 -+ E""Please enter a valid number"

"Field is protected against update"

No message is shown, but the field is correctly set in read-only mode


Differences in the messages presented to the user can also be due to the usage of ON-ERROR and/or ON-MESSAGE triggers, which are not fully supported. Depending on the project, these triggers can be removed altogether. Note, that these triggers, usually depend on specific error numbers, which are only valid in the original application, as the Morphis framework is not aware of all the error numbers and error messages known by Oracle Forms or any other runtime.

If the single purpose of such triggers is merely to change the message shown to the user, and if that behaviour is to be maintained, than it should be achieved by changing the resources used by the framework which allows resources externalization/customization.