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OpenThe module is in it's initial stateMorphis

The module has been generated by the transformer.

No developer has actually looked into it yet

Morphis / DEV


Currently under developmentMorphis / DEV
Pending DEV

Currently in standby, waiting to resume development.

This is usually related with any problem (such as a missing dependency) found during development, which impedes the developer work

Morphis / DEV

Morphis / PM

DEV TestsUndergoing developer tests (before handover to QA team)Morphis / DEV
DEV ReworkModule sent back to the development team by the QA teamMorphis / DEV
Pending QA

Currently in standby, waiting to resume work by the QA team.

This is usually related with client clarifications that need to be validated by the QA team, before handover to the DEV team.

Morphis / QA
QA TestsModule undergoing QA functional/exploratory testsMorphis / QA
Awaiting ClarificationModule is currently on hold. Some question or clarification is requested to the clientClient
Awaiting AcceptanceModule is currently awaiting client acceptanceClient
CanceledModule has been canceledN/A
ClosedModule has been accepted by the clientN/A
CertifiedModule has been certified by the QA teamClient

Note: Most relevant/common states are highlighted in bold. Not all projects use all of these states

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