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Work In Progress

This article is not finished and is subject to changes


One of the major expected differences in applications migrated with the Morphis tools and frameworks is the introduction of the Pagination concept.

Reasoning / Motivation

Pagination is way of reducing the amount fetched from the database and reducing the amount of data exchanged between server and client. This wasn't needed in the original application, because there was no separation between the server and the client. However, the migration to a client-server architecture introduces major differences.


The introduction of pagination has several impacts, but can commonly be identified in the interaction with data blocks and list of values, in which, instead of the entire data being shown at once, a single page of data is shown. The user will then be able to load new pages of data simply by attempting to navigate past the current page or through the usage of components that allow navigation to first/next/previous/last pages. These components will vary from project to project and can be shown in the form of buttons, pagers or scrollbars.


Pagination settings can easily be configured to define the size of each page of data, or enabling/disabling it.


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