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The field is not updatable, but in insert mode the field is editable / updatable.


  • The field  is defined as “CHAR” and, for exemple, with  a  range between “001” and “999”.
  • In insert mode the field can be set to  a value with numbers and Chars, and  save successfully.
  • The field is define as “CHAR” with , for exemple, a  MaximumDataLength = 4 and HighestAllowedValue=999; the field don’t validate the HighestAllowedValue and accepts “1234” and saves successfully.

In transformed version:

  • The field is a String and do not validate the first character as numeric. In transformed forms, for exemple,the field accepts “A1A”  and saves successfully.
  • The field is a String, validate the MaxLength and accept alphanumeric characters.


 Ex: Behaviour of fields   “RORDATA_SAR_NO”, “RORDATA_DL_FIELD_NO” and “RORDATA_DL_PLUS_FIELD_NO” in form RORDATA.