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Software Intelligence Platform

Kuscos is a software intelligence platform for development teams, managers and executives, providing a range of analysis tools and reports that empower teams to develop with increasing productivity and quality.
It delivers key information regarding source code modules and team members, from design documentation to dependencies, duplicate code and quality rule violations as well as custom pattern and metric analysis. It also provides oversight of team activities, from repository commits to issues resolved.

Morphis technologies is committed to deliver Kuscos as the most adequate information management solution to reveal both the details of your existing software systems as well as improving the decision-making on live development projects.

Do you know what really lies within your software systems?

Kuscos allows you to explore and document your software systems enabling informed decision-making based on accurate and up-to-date information. Control, predict and take ownership of the changes in your software and the performance of your developers through customized and centralized information dashboards.

Do you need real documentation about your system ?

Kuscos provides features to get technical documentation about a system.

  • For legacy systems, where there is always the challenge to plan and execute maintenance and new development cycles with the ever-reducing pool of resources who are qualified to maintain such systems.
  • For software producers or buyers, where accurate documentation provide a way to validate the agreements underlying the software construction.

What information is needed to help understand the dynamics of a software development process ?

That information has to be gathered easily, analyzed effectively and lead to the improved management of projects.

Kuscos can help you...


How can team knowledge and understanding of existing systems be improved ?

The risks must be addressed appropriately, decisions to be made effectively and development should become more efficient.

Kuscos can help you... 

Learn more about Kuscos features.

If you have any particular information need about your systems that you currently cannot address, please let us know to see if Kuscos can help you. Contact us at