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This document explains about Kuscos software, which is intended to be used by development teams, managers and executives.

  • Kuscos is application, which allows to gather information about source code modules and team members.
  • It also helps in providing the abstraction from design documentation to dependencies.
  • Kuscos recognizes duplicate code and quality rule violations as well as custom pattern and metric analysis.
  • It also furnishes an oversight of team activities, from repository commits to issues resolved.

The user guide consists of five sections namely: Getting Started, General Features, Projects, Assets, Perspective, and Reports.

  • Getting Started section explains about the Kuscos application amd its system menu briefly.
  • General Features section explains about the features which are common and mostly used in the system.
  • Projects page outlines the details about the Kuscos application.
  • Asset page gives important information which is abstracted from the source code.
  • Perspective page is the most prominent page of Kuscos which exhibits different types of perspective which can be used to gather critical information.
  • Reports page presents different types the visualization for the reports generated in response to the queries requested.
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