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Kuscos provides a series of reports in printable format, that can be viewed and shared outside the application.

The Reports page is available in the application menu in top right corner. The reports related with a particular concept are also available in the page reports button, also on the top right corner of the page.

Future versions will provide an increased number of different and detailed reports and customization of reports will also be possible. Currently, the following reports are available.



Page Contents

Documentation Set (DocSet)

Kuscos allows the production of full technical documentation for any of the supported languages, called a DocSet. The standard documentation about software elements (modules, classes, operations, etc) is enriched with

  • metric data,
  • dependency information
  • automatic UML diagram generation.

Global diagrams or documents about the system or focusing on some specific objects can also be integrated in the DocSet as extensions.

This kind of documentation is particularly useful for languages without modern IDEs or associated documentation systems.
It is an asset is extremely valuable in many situations, either from helping the migration of a system or to give insight for systems where original developers are not available.

The output of this kind of documentation is a static website that can be viewed autonomously with a browser or hosted in any web server.




Project Summary Report

A report with information about

  • global project counters, for each snapshot
  • the critical modules in the project, measure by a composite metric based on the most important complexity / effort metrics
  • metric statistics at project level (min, max, average values)

Available in

  • global Reports  page

Asset Details Report

A report with detailed information about an asset. Depending on the category of the asset it includes different data groups.

  • summary information
  • structural information (file structure, type hierarchies, ...)
  • most important content information (eg operations for modules)
  • metrics
  • associated documents
  • direct dependencies statistics
  • ...

Available in

  • global Reports page
  • Asset Details page


HotSpot Report

A report with the modules with the highest values for a set of recorded metrics


Available in

  • global Reports page

Effort Analysis Report

A report with effort metrics and maintenance cost data for a set of critical modules


Available in

  • global Reports page


Certification Report

A report with summary information about a certification

  • rules and affected files
  • distribution according to several characteristics

Available in

  • global Reports page

Source Repository Report

A report with source code repository information about

  • timeline summary
  • recent activity by users
  • commits and files global statistics

Available in

  • global Reports page



After using Kuscos, if you find that any other standard report with the information available in Kuscos repository should be available in this list, please let us know.