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Transform to evolve

Morphis Transformer is a product designed to extract original code structure and semantics using it to generate models which can be either converted, migrated or transformed into new languages or new models. Transformer can assist you either in the evolution into a new language (migration) or in the readjustment of your code components or structure (remediation).



Transformer's characteristics

Save costs and effort - Migration has lower associated costs than manual rewrite: Morphis Transformer reaches conversion rates up to 100%. When compared to full application rewrite, the effort saving is substantial (around 80% effort savings)

Safe and easy application modernisation - Migration is a modern solution with lower risks since it maintains original functionalities. The source-technology's structural concepts are mapped into similar concepts as to target a technology or framework, which allows original functionalities maintenance. Since functionality is preserved from the original application, migration projects (using Morphis' tool-set) minimise business risk as much as possible. 


High quality code which promotes maintenance costs reduction - The Morphis Transformer platform migration tool-set produces high-quality, native and database independent code which follows all architectural and programming best-practices. Thus, it allows for high productivity levels in application maintenance, reduces considerably the application’s Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and allows organisations to preserve crucial business knowledge and protect their technology investments.




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