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If you wish access to the Java code of Morphis Master Detail Demo it's now possible.

This page includes:

  • The original and converted code - Java and .NET Code
  • A tutorial to learn more about this demo, that includes videos
  • How to use Morphis Oracle Forms Inspector to analyze my Oracle Forms code
  • Useful information if you wish to know what are Foundations and Frames

Download the Code

You can download the original Oracle Forms code and Java / .NET code converted here:

Download Java Code

Download .NET Code


If you wish to learn more about the Master Detail demo - includes videos and a small tutorial

How to use Morphis Inspector

Project sizing and estimations can be obtained through the use of Morphis Transformer Inspector, a freely available tool for estimating the complexity and effort for migrating your Oracle Forms application.

Learn about Foundations and Frames


Morphis Foundations is a powerful application development framework for database-driven applications in Java and .NET.



Morphis Frames is a software tool which allows building technology agnostic applications. The graphic interface (UI) is implemented on a technology that provides support for different platforms.