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Click in the link to download this Morphis tool:


The XFMB Generator is a tool to convert Oracle Forms modules into XML files. These files can be used to debug transformation issues or processed by Transformer in a machine without Oracle Forms installed.

The output of the tool consists of a folder with all generated XML files and a log of any issues that occurred.


Generator utilizes iff2xml90 / ifcmp90 (9i) or frmf2xml / frmcmp (10g+) tools to extract information from modules. These tools are part of Oracle Forms Builder and must be in the system PATH for the Generator to work correctly.

In order to analyze a particular module, that module must open in Oracle Forms Builder correctly, i.e., any referenced object in the module must be accessible through the Forms Builder. Connection to the database or compilation of the modules is not required.

How to Use It

XFMB Generator has a very simple User Interface (Figure 1):

  • Source Folder: Folder containing all the Oracle modules to be converted.
  • Destination Folder: Folder where the output XML will be written to.
  • Source Version: Installed Oracle Forms version.
  • Source Codepage: Codepage used for the form text. Note that Oracle Forms must be configured with the same codepage, see Generating forms in different languages
  • Inheritance:
    • With: Preserves all parent object references.
    • Without: Generates the form as a standalone.

After configuring the settings, press Start to begin. Once the process is complete, a popup will indicate the results of the conversion.

NOTE: Unexpected results may happen if the incorrect Oracle Forms version or incorrect codepage is used.


Figure 1 - XFMB Generator

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