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Download How to Use Guide here. 


The Transformer Inspector tool has been developed by Morphis and belongs to the Transformer migration solutions' family. It has been conceived for the early stage of the migration process to produce statistical information for any Oracle Forms/Reports application.

The output of the tool consists on a .ZIP file containing a XML file per analyzed module with statistics on the number of source objects, Oracle©Forms built-in functions, Oracle©Reports built-in functions and SQL statistics.

How to Use It 

For Oracle Forms version 10g ,11g and 12c, Inspector utilizes frmf2xml and frmcmp tools to extract information from modules.

For Oracle Reports, 6i, 9i or 10g, Analyzer utilizes rwcon60 (6i) or rwconverter (9i and 10g), to extract information from modules.

In order to analyze a particular module in both versions, that module must open in Oracle Forms/Reports Builder correctly, i.e., any referenced object in the module must be accessible through the Forms/Reports Builder. By using Oracle Forms/Reports API, Transformer Inspector avoids connecting to the application Database and compilation of the modules to be analyzed.

On start-up, Transformer Inspector obtains from the current Oracle Forms Builder setup the list of built-in functions available. The Transformer Inspector can still process the modules if this operation fails, however, calls to built-in functions may be misinterpreted as and wrongly considered calls to user defined functions. To avoid this, rename the file “BuiltIns_Forms60.xml” or “BuiltIns_Forms90.xml” to “BuiltInsList.xml”.

Transformer Inspector has a very simple User Interface (Figure 1).

The user must select the Oracle Forms version (6i, 9i, 10g or 12c), the codepage used when the Oracle modules were created, add the module(s) to analyze, the output directory to which the output data should be written and a name for the output statistics file.

NOTE: Unexpected results may happen if the incorrect Oracle Forms version is used.

Figure 1 - Transformer Inspector


The option Fragment Statistics File creates several output files (indexed by 1,2…) up to the given maximum size.


The Transformer Inspector writes in the specified output directory a zip file with a XML file per analyzed module containing statistical information on the number of source objects, Oracle©Forms built-in functions used, Oracle©Reports built-in functions, and SQL statistics.

Oracle Forms 6i

When using Transformer Inspector over Oracle Forms 6i an unpatched version of Oracle Forms Builder has to be used (Version