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The Transformer Inspector command line tool has been developed by Morphis and belongs to the Transformer migration solutions' family. It has been conceived for the early stage of the migration process to produce statistical information for any Oracle Forms/Reports application.

The output of the tool consists on a .ZIP file containing a XML file per analyzed module with statistics on the number of source objects, Oracle©Forms built-in functions, Oracle©Reports built-in functions and SQL statistics.

How to use it

Command line parameters

  • -v: Oracle Forms version, possible values:
    • FORMS_60: Oracle Forms 6i;
    • FORMS_90: Oracle Forms 9i;
    • FORMS_100: Oracle Forms 10g;
    • FORMS_110: Oracle Forms 11g;
  • -c: Customer identifier. Combined with customerdir parameter point to the customer specific sub-folder where all its forms related information and files are kept.


inspector.exe -v FORMS_110 -c client1


Configuration file (inspector.exe.config)

Contains environment parameters configuration.

  • workdir - folder used by Transformer Inspector command line tool to process the Oracle forms modules. This folder must be placed in FORMS_PATH registry value.
  • basedir - folder containing any base modules used by the modules that will be analyzed.
  • customersdir - Sub-folder for all customer repositories. Each customer must has its own sub-folder as below.
  • outputdir - folder where the Inspector results are saved.
  • fileSize - Max. output file size in kB. Upon reaching this limit a new zip file is created with an index increment.  



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