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On the Linux machine where Oracle Forms Builder is install installed, run the following commands:


Code Block
titleForms2xml usage:
Forms2Xml.exe <module_absolute_path> -t <module_type> -c <codepage number> -v <version> [-d <output dir>] [-disableDefaults] [-disableInheritance] [-l <log file>]
         -t <module_type> = [F=FORM | M=MENU | O=OLB | L=LIB]
         -c <codepage_number> = "Ex.: 1252 for Latin1"
         -v <oracle_version> = [6i | 9i | 10g | 11g]
         -d <output_dir>
         -disableDefaults = disable default properties
         -disableInheritance = disable inherited properties
         -l <log_file> = log file name
         -ora = when using this switch the module_absolute_path is the file extracted with oracle commands (applies only to 9i,10g, 11g)

         Output files: *.xfmb, *.xmmb, *.xpll

3. Run Transformer Inspector

Use step 2 output to run Transformer Inspector