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Project Phase


Latest version of modules to be migrated (FMB, PLL, OLB, MMB and RDF files)

2Application use casesRequiredOptionalStrongly RecommendedRequired
3Additional application documentationN/AOptionalOptionalOptional
4Style guide (colors, logos and other style guidelines used throughout the application)N/ARecommendedRecommendedRecommended
5Testing environment with original applicationN/AOptionalRequiredRequired
6Integration documentation and access to third-party systems with which the original application integratesN/ARecommendedStrongly RecommendedStrongly Recommended
7Database *

Virtual Machine with working database (Optimal and desired approach)


  • Along with the virtual machine, please provide credentials for a superuser access to the entire virtual machine
  • The provided virtual machine will be ran within Morphis infrastructure




Database dump (Next best alternative)


  • Along with the data pump, please provide information on the database version used. Further information about creating the dump can be read here
  • The database dump will be imported to a virtual machine within Morphis intranet.

VPN with remote access to working database (Last resort alternative) - For PoC ok and usually the fastest to setup


  • The VPN access only needs to provide access to the port used by the database (eg: Oracle is usually accessible at 1521 [TCP] ).
  • Ideally the VPN used to access the database must not block traffic to other network resources, which the developer might need to work.

* Access to the database assumes: